Gain muscle, grow your booty, & live your best damn life

About Me:

I've always been skinny AF and felt physically weak. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and hated the way clothes fit and if that wasn't bad enough, I was so annoyed at the constant remarks about how I was so skinny. 


I had no idea that there was a community that shared the same struggles until my 9 month transformation photo went viral. At that point I created the Fit & Bougie Program 

Fit & Bougie is a fitness and nutrition program designed for gaining weight/muscle and building a dope booty.

Bougie means feeling and acting like the best version of yourself without apology. When I was underweight, I felt perpetually weak and tired. I knew this was no way to live and that I needed to change. I wanted to become strong. I tried many different programs, but nothing ever stuck. It took me years to learn and understand the proper nutrition and exercises required to build that slim thick figure I've always wanted.

Now, I want to share that with you. This booty building program gives you the knowledge and resources needed to start your own sustainable weight/muscle-gain journey. I won't just be telling you what you need to do, however; I'm going to be there with you every step of the way!

Kick-Start Booty Builder

 A 4 week program that will help you to go from “No booty” to “Ms. New Booty”.


We focus on tackling your mindset to help you reach your goals, grow your booty, and set yourself up for success.

This is for YOU if you want a high-powered kick-start into your booty building routine!

Bougie With A Booty

This 12 week program is our signature offer for a reason!

Our clients are LOVING how we take them through the best booty building foods and exercises, and how to think and live like the bougie queen you really are, and their results are incredible!


If you want custom, high-level support, and sustainable habits and results, this is the program for you.

3 Weeks into the Bougie With A Booty Program

Both Programs Include:

  • Weekly 1 on 1 video conferences

  • Hand tailored macro guide / meal plan 

  • Custom workout plan

  • Video library of exercise movements

  • Fit & Bougie Facebook community group access

  • Weekly trainings and group updates


What's next? 

Are you ready to finally get that slim thick you desire?

Are  you ready to gain muscle and keep it on?

Are you ready to invest in yourself and embrace the Bougie Queen you really are? 

Are you ready to live your best damn life in your best damn body? 

If so, schedule a video call below! 

I can't wait to join you in your journey towards a Fit and Bougie life!

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