8 Week Booty Bootcamp Challenge


“Wow you are so tiny”
“You need to put some meat on those bones”
“Why do you even want to gain weight? You’re lucky.”


My name is Charlene Izere and throughout my weight gain and booty building journey, I’ve heard all of those comments and more.


3 years ago I was where you are now, skinny, feeling unfeminine, and frustrated because no one understood why I wanted to gain weight and build more curves. I scoured the internet for resources on gaining weight and building my booty but I was left feeling disappointed.


After stuffing my face and doing 100s of squats a day and seeing zero results, I took a step back and started over. Within the last year of my fitness journey I have gained over 25lbs and built a booty, and now I want to help you do the same.


Over the course of my journey, I have noticed that most programs and trainers come from a background of weight loss however, as someone who has always been skinny, I understand the science and methods behind (pun intended) building a booty especially for women who have been skinny all of their life.

I’ve tried pinterest workouts (lol @ squat challenges), bought booty enhancing pills, stuffed my face and saw zero results so at the end of the day I truly understand your situation and where you are coming from.


3 Weeks into the Booty Building Blueprint Method

The 8 Week Booty Bootcamp Challenge will give you a taste of my 90 day program. 

Once you sign up, you will receive a link to a questionnaire that will help me get to know more about you and your goals. Challengers will also receive a workout & nutritional guide. 


Over the course of the 8 weeks you will  gain weight, build a booty, and learn strategies to keep you on track. 

You will have access to a FB group where I will do weekly check-ins and mini challenges. 


Booty Building is a science and ANYONE can build a booty with my method, so if you are ready, lets do the damn thing!


Q: When does the challenge start?

A: The challenge officially begins on October 8th. 


Q: Do I have to have access to a gym to participate?
A: No, If you are working out from home, you will receive a workout guide that includes at home workouts. Also,I do suggest you purchase resistance bands and a couple of dumbbells.

Q: What is the investment?

A: The pre-sale investment is 20% off at  $200 and will last until September  27th after that the investment will increase. 

Q: What happens after I pay? 
A: You will be emailed a questionnaire, and your guides and app access will be set out no later than October 6th. 


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