Are you ready for the 90 Day Health & Wealth Transformation that is going to change your life forever?

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My name is Charlene Izere,  your go to Wellness Expert, Business Bestie, and full-time Plant Mom.


My passion lies in helping entrepreneurially minded women reclaim their FREEDOM through health and wealth.


My approach to health and wealth freedom is unique and holistic. I utilize protocols to help maximize your energy, manage stress, and create systems to eliminate brain fog and the bloat.


I created the BossFit Method so you can attain new levels of health and wealth and take the right steps forward in weight loss, energy management, and financial wealth.

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How Does The BossFit Method Work?

Taylor, Designer

Working with Charlene was the best decision I ever made! This program is an amazing opportunity to create a foundation for progressing towards what you want in your body and in your health; and what’s even more amazing... it really works!

Vanessa, Realtor

Working with Charlene helped me feel more confident! Because I am feeling better about my body, I’m showing up more confident in my job, my relationship, and in life! I’m more willing to put myself out there because I feel so much better about my health!

Leshonda, Youtuber

Before working with Charlene I was very insecure about my body , I had a hard time gaining weight and working out. After I started working with her I was able to gain the weight I wanted, and I gained the confidence to start my YouTube channel. She helped me work on my self esteem and for that I am grateful!

The BossFit Method is THE wellness program for female entrepreneurs who want to take their health + wealth to the next level.

In this one-on-one coaching program you will understand how to work with your body, and you will be given the systems and strategies you need to leverage your energy for more wealth in your business. 

This isn't your cookie cutter fitness + nutrition program. 

The BossFit Method is an all inclusive custom wellness programs tailored to fit your busy entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Boss Woman, it's time to break through the mental + physical blocks keeping you from living a healthier + wealthier life.


We will closely examine your belief systems and physical systems. Whether it’s your mindset or your schedule, we will pinpoint the triggers that are blocking your success and tackle them head on, creating the foundation for success in your wellness journey.

Now that we've gotten the mental + physical blocks out of the way, and you are armed with your BossFit Blueprint, its time to master the art of Health + Wealth. 

You will be equipped with the tools needed to turn your wellness journey into a sustainable lifestyle so you can make more money + work less.


This includes Habit Hacking for a Healthy + Wealthy Lifestyle and creating systems + routines to support you.

Wouldn't it be a dream if you knew the EXACT steps you needed to take to feel more energized and finally shed that last 10lbs?


I've got you, boss woman. 

The BossFit Blueprint includes your workouts, optimized nutrtion protocol, and tips on blending wellness into your entrepreneurial lifestyle. This blueprint is custom tailored to you and your needs.

By the end of the BossFit Method you will:

  • Know exactly what foods & exercise you need to maximize your energy + productivity.

  • Beat the bloat + lose the pooch for good, and truly understand how to work with your body, not against it.

  • Say goodbye to feeling burnt out and hello to energized freedom.

  • Feel clear and confident in your body and shed your limiting beliefs.

  • Be working less hours while getting more work done.

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