Fit & Bougie is a fitness and nutrition program designed for gaining weight/muscle and building a dope booty.

Bougie means feeling and acting like the best version of yourself without apology. When I was underweight, I felt perpetually weak and tired. I knew this was no way to live and that I needed to change. I wanted to become strong. I tried many different programs, but nothing ever stuck. It took me years to learn and understand the proper nutrition and exercises required to build that slim thick figure I've always wanted.

Now, I want to share that with you. This 3-month booty building program gives you the knowledge and resources needed to start your own sustainable weight/muscle-gain journey. I won't just be telling you what you need to do, however; I'm going to be there with you every step of the way!


Module I: Nutrition and Fitness Basics - Week 1 - 4

  • Diet Overhaul: How to Train Your Stomach

  • Macros for Beginners: I Hate Numbers

  • The Role of Supplements: Shakes That Bring the Boys to the Yard

  • Gym Basics: I’m Supposed to Lift THAT?

Module II: The Bougie Mindset - Week 5 - 8

  • The Art of the Meal Prep: Why a Slow Cooker is Your Friend

  • Discipline Vs. Motivation: Becoming Your Own Drill Sergeant

  • Establishing Goals & Milestones: Investing in Your Future Self

Module III: Maintaining and Adjusting Your Goals - Week 9 - 13

  • Adjusting Your Macros: Return of the Numbers

  • Weight Progression and Routine Enhancement: I lifted THAT!

  • Managing Your Goals: Why the Tortoise Beat the Hare

My investment

  • Weekly 1 on 1 video conferences

  • Hand tailored macro guide / meal plan 

  • Custom workout plan

  • Video library of exercise movements

  • Fit & Bougie Facebook community group access

  • Weekly trainings and group updates

What's next?

Are you ready to INVEST in your fitness journey? 

If so let's schedule a video call to discuss next steps! 


© 2019 by Charlene Izere. 

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