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3 Self Care Rituals for the Full Harvest Moon

Friday the 13th began 2019’s Harvest Moon which signifies the transition from summer to fall.

The Harvest Moon is in Pisces meaning that this is a time of transition, both seasonally + emotionally. Basically, it's time to feel all the feels.

This is the perfect time for you to focus on the scary sh*t, focus on what you’ve been dreading, so that you can release it.

Let it go and let it flow.

Here are 3 Ways You Can Take Care of Yourself During this Full Harvest Moon:

  1. Edit Your To-Do list Do you REALLY need to organize all of the boxes in your basement? Ask yourself what would happen if you didn’t do those minor things and instead made space for more important tasks.

  2. Clean & Organize Your Self Care Sanctuary Your self care sanctuary may be your bathroom, bedroom, living room ect. You spend so much of your time in these rooms, so do yourself a favor and make it functional and vibey.

  3. Redefine Your Morning Routine Girl, it’s time to eliminate that 13 step morning routine and get realistic. Ask yourself what do you need to do in the morning to be your BEST Lizzo self during the day? Keep it simple and keep it realistic.


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